I am looking for interesting projects, people and connections

I am
Martin Luňák

I am connecting people, finances and interesting ideas that make a better future for us and our children.

Cooperation and partners

Companies and corporations of which I am a part of.

I´ve known for a long time now, that the basics of prosperous business lie within friendly relationships and a unified goal.

I am a complex bridge between the know-how of your business, investors and people who can move the company forward. I have gained numerous experiences in various companies during my career. I am on friendly terms with all the business owners I have ever cooperated with and thus we build solid, meaningful projects with a clear social overlap.

I am looking for interesting cooperation everywhere
Let's make your visions come true together.
“Finances, age or experiences never matter so much but without enthusiasm in the eyes of the founder the fight is already lost" - Martin Luňák
I invest in key sectors of 21. century
Look into hearth of my business
I help materialize thoughts and dreams with a strong growth potential which brings benefits not only to me as an investor but to the society as a whole.
My articles
We are preparing more interesting articles and interviews with people from the world of business for you.
Why should we work together ?
Power of synergy

Long-term cooperation and an extensive portfolio grow in strength of synergy with each project. A connection of multiple human resources enables faster, more complex growth for us all. A community of people who wish to help each other and share relevant contacts is growing organically around our portfolio. Join us.

Do you believe that we can build a really interesting partnership together ?
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    Let's make a strong community on LinkedIn together.
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